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Sacred Quadrangle (Dalada Maluva)

  Province North Central
  District Polonnaruva
  Nearest Town Polonnaruva
  Period 1153-1186 A.D.
  Ruler King Parakramabahu the Great


This elevated terrace is known as Dalada maluva. (The Sacred Quadrangle). Because the temple of the tooth was located here. The building called atadage located here is the temple of the Tooth built by king Vijayabahu the Great (1055 – 1110 A.D.) A stone inscription near it states that the security of the temple has been entrusted to velaikkar soldiers. The vatadage found here may be the temple of the tooth built by king Parakramabahu the Great (1153 – 1186 A.D.) in front of this is the building called Hatadage which is the temple of the Tooth built by king Nissankamalla (1187 – 1196 A.D.) The Galpota (stone Book) inscription to the east is by king Nissankamalla describing his heroic deeds. The mounment called satmahalprasada is a rare type of stupa. The other important buildings in the sacred quadrangle are the Thuparama, one of the best preserved image houses, and the building with creeper – like lotus pillars called the Nissankalata mandapa.


  • I. Vatadage
  • II. Hatadage
  • III. Galpotha
  • IV. Sathmahal presada
  • V. Chapter house
  • VI. Atadage
  • VII. Bodhisathva Image House
  • VIII. Nissankalatha mandapaya
  • IX. Recumbent Image house
  • X. Bodhi tree Shrine
  • XI. Thuparama
  • XII. Velaikkar Inscription
  • XIII. Gate House