Province North Central
  District Polonnaruva
  Nearest Town Polonnaruva
  Period 1153 – 1186 A.D.
  Ruler king Parakramabahu the Great


This is one of the architectural marvels in Polonnaruva. This may have been Originally used as the temple of the Tooth as there is mention of a round relic house built by king Parakramabahu the Great (1153 – 1186 A.D.) But according to the Galpota (stone book) inscription, king Nissankamalla (1187 – 1196 A.D.) has built a vatadage within the quadrangle naming it Ratnagiri vatadage, which suggests that at least some renovation or reconstruction work has been done here during king Nissankamalla’s reign Just as other vatadages in the island this too appears as a round building enclosing a stupa at its center. It has taken the Present form probably as a result of the innovations or reconstruction works done in the region of king Nissanka malla or during the Dambadeniya Period (13th century A.D.) The roof supported on stone pillars probably had wooden members and covered with tiles. The moonstone and two guard stones to the north and east of the upper terrace respectively may be cited as the best examples of their kinds in Polonnaruva.


  • Entrance Porch
  • stupa
  • Samadhi Buddha Image