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Trekking at Ella

As if the magnificent view through Ella Gap wouldn't do, Ella provides enchanting trekking opportunities with spectacular sceneries among the tea plantations, temples, pine forests and waterfalls. Ella is an excellent base for keen trekkers to explore & discover the surrounding countryside. The largest mountain of the mountain range, Little Adam's Peak can be reached through a tea estate. We can also visit Uva Halpewaththa Tea Factory. We will stroll down the Ella Gap along the railway track & close to an iron bridge is Rawana Ella Falls (90m) which plunge magnificently down a series of rock faces. We can even climb over the rocks up the falls escorted by monkeys scampering up & down the rocks. A path close to the safe bathing area tempts you to trekking in that direction too. Still more, we will organize paragliding, canoeing, camping & rock climbing.