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Buddangala Temple

  Province Eastern
  District Ampara
  Nearest Town Ampara
  Period -
  Ruler -


Buddangala hermitage stands in an area of about 1280 acres at a distance of 8 Km from Ampara town. There are five rock springs that contribute to the natural beauty of the location. The green forest gives shelter to many animals including leopards, bears, and elephants. From the highest point of the rock visitors can see the Galoya valley, Inginiyagala, Vadinagala, and Govinda Pabbata which was once the realm of Buwanekabahu Apa.

An annual religious festival of the Buddangala hermitage takes place in the month of ‘Poson’ (June). During this festival period, thousands of devotees and visitors from other parts of the country and foreigners participate in ceremonies.

There is a golden statue of the Buddha, along with some other relics which are the findings of archaeologists. There are inscriptions found on the brow drip-ledges of two caves.

There are many ruins with archaeological value; Stone Pillars, Door Frames, Stone Seats, Moon Stones, Balustrades and Guard Stones, Stone Foot Prints, Ponds, Dog and Crow symbols, Bricks, Clay Figures, Stone slabs, and the Golden Casket

is situated in a mountain over 500 feet high. The Dagaba has been enshrined with the relics of Buddha and his two leading monks Seriyuth and Mugalan's remains.)