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Dutch Presbatarian church

  Province Western
  District Colombo
  Nearest Town Colombo
  Period 1640 -1796 AD
  Ruler Dutch Period


The Roman Catholic Church isn't the only Christian church in Sri Lanka. The Dutch bought the Dutch Reformed Church, the British brought Anglicanism. It also allowed other Protestant Churches, particularly the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches, to operate here.

All of these denominations still exist in Sri Lanka, and its not hard to find their churches, particularly in Columbo. But their congregations are mainly tiny, and they are far less visible or influential than the Catholic Church.

The majority of the Tamil people are Hindus, although with a very substantialminority are Christian. Hindu Temples, known as kovils, are also widely found throughout Sri Lanka, not just in the Tamil homeland. Many non-Hindus, botrh Buddhist and Christians, sometimes visit kovils to make prayers to ask for favours; a practice which the

Islam has been in Sri Lanka loneger than Christianity, and the Muslim minority here is a highly visible and distinctive community. With a higher birth-rate communities, and net immigration, it is also a growing proportion of the overall population.

Here's a short article about Anglicanism in Sri Lanka..