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Sandagiri Dagoba

  Province Southern
  District Hambanthota
  Nearest Town Tissamaramaya
  Period 2nd century BC
  Ruler King Kavan Tissa


Sandagiri Stupa, situated in the Hambantota district, is one of the oldest stupas in Sri Lanka. Believed to have been built by King Kavantissa in the second century BC. It was noted that bricks dating back to the 2nd century BC had been found when it was initially inspected. Further investigations have proved that the initial structure had been a bigger one than which is evident today. The great wonderwork of our ancestors now only have four cardinal points around the stupa and on the north side a remarkable piece of stone carving perfectly cut.

Sandagiri dagoba is also situated in close proximity to the Tissamaharama, nearby stands the Sandagiri Dagoba, together with the remains of a monastery complex. A walk around the dagoba provides us with an insight of how these structures were built during the first few centuries into the construction of the great dagobas.


Built by King Kavantissa in the 2nd century BC and now restored to its original state, the Sandagiri Dagoba also has remains of a monastery complex. The location also gives great insights into the construction of great dagobas.

Sadagiri Stone


A rare Buddha statue belonging to third century BC and two statues of Bodhisatvas have been unearthed from a private land at Sandagirigoda in Tissamaharama.The seven foot Buddha statue made of white marble and resembles the Anuradhapura Aukana Statue; an Archaeology Department official said adding that they were studying how the statues came to be found in the south. The Bodhisatva statues were five feet in height.