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Yatala Dagaba

  Province Southern
  District Hambanthota
  Nearest Town Tissamaramaya
  Period 2300 years ago
  Ruler King Yatalatissa


Yatala Vehera was built 2300 years ago by King Yatalatissa with its surrounding wall of sculpted elephant heads & moat and large moonstone. There is also a large monolith with scorings on one face that are believed to have been made by chains used to tether royal elephants. Yatala Dagoba or stupa near Tissamaharama.


Yatala Dagoba is attributed to King Yatala Tissa. It was built approximately 2300 years ago and was restored to its former glory in the 1980’s. The façade is off – white, carved out in places to expose the original brickwork of the Dagoba. In the courtyard around the Dagoba can be found a statue of Avalokitesvara and an ancient toilet used in the adjacent monastery is located nearby. However, most remarkably, this Dagoba is surrounded by what is probably Sri Lanka’s oldest elephant wall. Near this historic site, a small, modern museum contains a collection of some of the most important findings from Ruhuna