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Naga Vihara Temple

  Province Northern
  District Jaffna
  Nearest Town Jaffna
  Period 288BC
  Ruler king Devanampiyathissa


Naga Viharaya is one of the famous Buddhist temples in Jaffna.It is situated in the Stanley road in Jaffna town.


According to the history, when Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi Bo Tree was taken by Theri "Sangamiththa" (daughter of King Ashoka) from India to Sri Lanka in 288BC ,king Devanampiyathissa of Sri Lanka had been to Jaffna to receive Theri Sanghamiththa and the group.

On the group's way back to Anuradhapura, 'Naga' tribesmen of Jaffna requested the king to keep the Bo tree with them for a one week. Accordingly, the Bo Tree branch had been planted in Jaffna (where present Naga Viharaya is located.) for a one week before it was finally brought to Anuradhapura.