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Our Lady of St. Anne's Church

  Province Northern
  District Mannar
  Nearest Town Vankalai
  Period 1505–1658
  Ruler -


Vankalai or Vangalai or Vangkaalai is a predominantly fishing and farming village situated in Mannar District of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. It lies along the Naanaattan Road with the sea on its west connects to Indian Ocean. Its northern boundary is the historic Hindu shrine of Thiru Ketheeswaram.


Vankalai is a Christian village with Roman Catholics being more than 99% and Protestant groups comprising the remainder. Vankalai has become now one the largest village in Mannar. Currently its population figure is a little over 8,000. Vankalai is inhabited mainly by members of the Bharatha community.

The Portuguese invasion and destruction of the Tamil territories between 1505–1658 caused most of Mannar including villages such as Vankalai to become Catholic villages.

In the center of this village there is a huge ancient Catholic church called Our Lady of St. Anne's Church.