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Girihadu Seya Temple

  Province North Central
  District Trincomalee
  Nearest Town Trincomalee
  Period around 528 BC
  Ruler -


Girihadu seya is considered as the first Dageba in Sri Lanka, done by Thapassue Balluka Merchants. This is located in Thiriyaya close to Trincomalee Pulmoddi road. Load Buddha spent 7 weeks (sath Sathiya) after his enlightenment ( This is around 528 BC) and End of that period, the 50th day two brother merchants call "Thapassu Ballula" offered the first dana (alms giving). After the Dana, they requested some thing to warship and received "Sacred Kesha Datu"(lock of hair relic) . Those merchants used to travel different parts in the region and came to Sri Lanka also. One day they stayed in this area and kept this relic container on top of a rock and went to the suburb area for the business. On their arrival they found that the container cannot be moved and decided to build a pagoda enshrining the hair relic. Now this is call Girihadu Seya.

This is considered as the first Dageba in Sri lanka, may be in the world.This place was abandoned for several centuries and restoration of this Pagoda was done 1950's.Currently most of the historical temples in the eastern province under threat of the treasure hunters. Some treasure hunting attempts in Girihadu Seya area also reported.

The main dageba, i.e. Girihadu seya is located on top of a mountain, there are around 300 steps for that. At the footage, you can see a small pond where you can sit and relax. Steps are wide and in good condition. You can relax on the way, there are enough places with shade. Don't forget to bring enough drinking water and wear a hat also.

Girihadu Seya is at the top and it's on a stage like structure. It says there was a "Watada geya" here, still you can see the columns belonging to that. You can get a stunning view of the whole surrounding. Dageba was build with bricks and in a different shape with compared to what we see in normal temples. There is another pagoda type structure available just one level below the top. This is the highest point in the area, so you can get a stunning view.Its recommended to go toe Girihadu Seya early in the morning or evening, because its too hot at the day time. There is not much shade at the top level.