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Wilgam Rajamaha Viharaya

  Province North Central
  District Trincomalee
  Nearest Town Trincomalee
  Period 250-210 BC
  Ruler King Devanampiyathissa.


Velgam Vehera is located around 15 km away from Trincomalee by the Trincomalee - Anuradapura Road.


According to the historical facts, the Vegam Rajamaha Viharaya was done by king Devanampiyathissa. Later on some additions and renovations were done by first Bathiya, Second Agkbo, first Vijayabahu and first Parakramabahu.The most important point is this temple was that this was warshiped by both Sinhala and Tamil Buddhist. That is one of the reason that Vilgam Vehera was not destroyed by south Indian Chola invasions in 10th century.

This temple was abandoned after Anuradapura and Polonnaruwa kingdoms, because people migrated to south part of the country.Some renovations happening nowadays and this will be become popular among the devotees coming from the other parts of Sri Lanka. This places is under threat because of the treasure hunters.You can contribute the Velgam Rajamaha Vihara Fund, and the income is exempted from the government tax.

Travelers Experience about Vilgam Vehera:

After having a bath at Kanniya Hot water Springs we started our journey to Wilgam Vehera, one of the unique place where you can see Tamil inscriptions. You will be guided by the sign board located by the main road. We took a turn right from the main road and that by-road was in acceptable condition. There were some road development work done after the war. We traveled around 2 km and reach Velgam Vehera temple.

First we reach to the Bo Maluwa and observed Pan Sil. One of the monk explain us the history of the temple and ask us to climb up the rock behind the boo tree and go though the jungle and then visit the site where we can see ruins.

You can do donations to the temple fund and what we noticed was that they use a "Motar" casing as a till to collect money. That says the story about the war, we had in last 30 years.

You can climb the rock behind the temple and reach the the top. You get a stunning view of Nilaveli beach, a tank and the surrounding area. If you are traveling with kids, then you need to keep and eye on them because they can slip down from this point. You can see the remains of the old Dageba (Pagoda) on the top. Only the foundation is remaining.