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Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, in comparison to its size, has a large number of waterfalls: the island has been blessed with 400 waterfalls. Three of Sri Lanka's waterfalls are listed among the highest waterfalls in the world ranking 48th, 58th & 62nd. . Lasshpana Falls is the main hydroelectricity power supplier to the island. The abundance of waterfalls in the country is attributed to the geology of the island & rocky precipices combined with the quantum of rainfall in the hill country. These waterfalls are in full bloom during the monsoon rain periods of the tropical island



  1. Alakolagala Waterfall
  2. Bambarakanda Waterfall
  3. Bomburu Ella Waterfall
  4. Diyaluma Waterfall
  5. Dunhinda Waterfall
  6. Kirindi Ella Waterfall
  7. Ravana Ella Waterfall


  1. Dambora Falls Waterfall
  2. Thummodara Ranmudu Waterfall


  1. Thudugala Ella Waterfall


  1. Kalupahana Waterfall


  1. Galagediyana Falls Waterfall
  2. Hadun Ella Waterfall
  3. Mannakethi Ella Waterfall
  4. Nakkawita Falls Waterfall
  5. Olu Ella Waterfall
  6. Rikille Ella Waterfall
  7. Sampath Ella Waterfall


  1. Wadakada Waterfall


  1. Alupola Ella Waterfall
  2. Bopath Ella Waterfall
  3. Dehena Ella Waterfall
  4. Dhuwili Waterfall
  5. Galdola Falls Waterfall
  6. Gerandi gini Ella Waterfall
  7. Handapan Ella Waterfall
  8. Madanagiri Falls Waterfall
  9. Mapanana Ella Waterfall

Nuwara Ellya

  1. Aberdeen Waterfall
  2. Alakola Waterfall
  3. Baker's Waterfall
  4. Bombure Ella Waterfall
  5. Devathura Ella Waterfall
  6. Devon Waterfall
  7. Elgin Falls Waterfall
  8. Hellboda Ella Waterfall
  9. Kothmale Mahakandura Waterfall
  10. Kurunduoya Falls Waterfall
  11. Laxapana Falls Waterfall
  12. Lovers Leap Waterfall
  13. Madolsima Ella Waterfall
  14. Maha Bambarakiri Waterfall
  15. Mahakandura Falls Waterfall
  16. Mohini Ella Waterfall
  17. Nanu oya Falls Waterfall
  18. Ramboda Ella Waterfall
  19. Rathna Falls Waterfall
  20. Sri Pada Waterfall
  21. St Clairs Waterfall