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Kalupahana Waterfall

  Province Central
  District Kandy
  Nearest Town Kalupahana
  Total height 14Mt
  Number of drops
  Island Height Ranking


Having several necklaces the 14m high Kalupahana Falls is situated in Dumbara Jungles in Kalupahana Mountain, Kandy District. A sodality of falls cascading in several necklaces. The milieu of the fall comprising Pigmy Jungle is enshrouded in mist and darkness; aptly speaking its name 'Kalupahana' is Black Lantern. To get the Water Falls there are two routes. One is from Matale - Pannvila via Bambarella come to Ratnagiriya. The other is coming to Illukumbura, 35 km from Matale and via Pitawala, Attanwala & Walpolamulla it is possible to reach the fall. The 7km track is through difficult terrain. This is ideal for eco-tourism and serves to enhance the knowledge of eco-tourists. On the way, one can also view the Dumbara Dooli Falls.