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Rikille Ella Waterfall

  Province Sabaragamuwa
  District Kagalle
  Nearest Town Bulathkohupitiya
  Total height 30M.
  Number of drops -
  Watercourse Hunushaldeniya mountain
  Island Height Ranking -


Bulathkohupitiya is a small town hidden among the mountains of the hill country. From there, a motorable road leads through hair pin bends to Dedugala. On the way can be seen this waterfall in a very serene landscape. In Sinhalese Rikilla means branch of a tree, and Rikille stands for its possesive noun. The source of the 30m fall is the stream flowing from the northern side of the Hunusahaldeniya mountain range (600m). It flows via Ritigaha to the Kelani River. It is 5km from the Dedugala highway, and the nearest town is Kitulgala.