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Devathura Ella Waterfall

  Province Central
  District Nuwara Eliya
  Nearest Town Ramboda pass
  Total height 10m (33ft)
  Number of drops -
  Watercourse -
  Island Height Ranking -


This also consists of three falls and the lowest which is close to the road at the "ramboda pass", is shown in the photo. it is about 10m (33ft) in height. If the weather permits one can see the rest within the jungle above the fall. Formerly known as 'Thevatura Falls' (Tea Waterfall), the Peratas Tea Estate and factory are located above. The water cascades over several platforms thought only a 10m section is visible from the road, and eventually joins the Kotmale Reservoir.

The surrounding area is rich in both flora and fauna, with plant life including erebadu (Erythrina Indica). This makes for a serene setting, thus it is popular with visitors.