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Lovers Leap Waterfall

  Province Central
  District Nuwara Eliya
  Nearest Town Hava Eliya
  Total height 30 m (98 ft)
  Number of drops -
  Watercourse Piduruthalagala
  Island Height Ranking -


This beautiful 30m fall is incipient of the streams and brooks of Sri Lanka's highest mountain, the Piduruthalagala (2524m). It flows over hard granite ledges and the water is collected in a tank and used for drinking. In dry spells, the flow is languid The fall is said to derive its name from the tragic tale of a prince, who while hunting in the jungle, lost his way. He was rescued by a beautiful damsel, and the two became inseparable lovers. But the match was not to the liking of the prince's subjects, so the two decided to immortalise their love by leaping from the top of the fall to their death.Superstitious villagers avoid the fall at night. The fall is situated in Hava Eliya.