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Alupola Ella Waterfall

  Province Sabaragamuwa
  District Rathnapura
  Nearest Town Alupola
  Total height 60m (200ft).
  Number of drops 3
  Watercourse Wewell dola
  Island Height Ranking 32


The 60m fall derives its name from a nearby tea estate. It is served by a brook beginning at Kalugaldova on the southern slope of the Bathurugala Mountain (1047m). After being joined by numerous other small brooks, the water winds its way through the mountain jungles to Wewell Dola, where it forms the Walawe River. This is met by the Heendole stream before forming the elegant fall.This is made up of three parts and the total height is about 60m (200ft).

Amongst the green landscape and bounteous tall trees on the mountains the Ella offers a soothing effect to the eyes. The picturesque location of the Alupolla. The Alupolla Ella fall of Sri Lanka amalgamates three individual portions. Ella waterfall and its surprisingly beautiful flow is an eye catcher for tourists.