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Gerandi Gini Ella Waterfall

  Province Central
  District Nuwara Eliya
  Nearest Town Maskeliya
  Total height 100 m (330 ft)
  Number of drops -
  Watercourse Puna Oya
  Island Height Ranking -


Gerandigini Falls is an amalgamation of several falls in the Ratnapura District including the Ramboda and Gerandi falls (see numbers 209 and 100 respectively). The total height is 270m. Such is its scale, the fall can be seen from a considerable distance. The stream springs from the Galaha Forest Reserve, passing Galbithiya and onto the Puna Oya (river).

Garandi waterfals (Rat Snake Falls) of Sri Lanka is situated at Ramboda Thawalanthanne of Nuwaraeliya district. Garandi ela means this waterfall likes snake. Top of the waterfall there are two waterways are combined. After combined falls downside as one waterfall. Those two waterways start in several palces... It is about 330ft. high and located at close to famous Ramboda Falls. Due to the height, it can be seen easily from a considerable distance. There are several ways to reach this beautiful falls, but easiest way is through Ramboda village tea estate. The fall is located hundred meters below the tea estate in Ramboda region.It's upper part is always covered with fog and many nature lovers will not forget to capture this beautiful scenery.