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Mapanana Ella Waterfall

  Province Sabaragamuwa
  District Ratnapura
  Nearest Town Ratnapura
  Total height 141 m
  Number of drops -
  Watercourse Seetha gangula
  Island Height Ranking -


Mapanana Falls" found at the foot of the "Sri Pada"( Adam's Peak ) range are one of the tallest and the most beautifully formed falls meandering its way down from a height about 141 meteres. Carrying cooly and crystal clear waters from the springs where they are born in the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary this fall is difficult to get near to due to many reasons, the hazard of sudden gushes of water during especially, rainy seasons, being one of them.

The Mapanana Falls is located in the Siripadda Mountain (1868m), 22km from Ratnapura, at a point known as Kondagala. Take the road from Ratnapura via Gillmale for 8km to Asoka Karniya. It is another 20km along the bank of the Kaluganga River to a road that leads up to the colonies, where the fall can be found.