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Oluvil Ligthouse

  Province Northern
  District Mannar
  Nearest Town -


1915. Status unknown; focal plane 17 m (56 ft); white flash every 5 s authorized. 19 m (62 ft) round cylindrical tower with lantern and gallery. Lighthouse painted white. A photo is available, Romesh Goonewardena has a distant view, and Google has a very distant satellite view. The Sri Lankan Army was clearing mines in the Talaimannar Pier area in 2003-04, but Goonewardena's photo indicates that the area is now considered to be safe. There are several Internet references to the lighthouse as being abandoned or "burnt out" during the insurrection. Located near the northwestern end of Mannar Island, ashort distance east of the Talaimannar Pier. Site apparently opens. ARLHS SLI-015; Admiralty F0884; NGA 27364.

Talaimannar Lighthouse (Fl 5s17m 10M) was built in1915 and is located near the Northwestern end of Mannar Island,a short distance east ofthe Talaimannar pier.The 17m height white cylindrical tower displays one white flash every 5 seconds and visible up to 10 nautical miles