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Colombo (2) Ligthouse(Clock Tower)

  Province Western
  District Colombo
  Nearest Town Colombo


1860 (station established 1829). Inactive since 1952. 29 m (95 ft) square cylindrical brick tower with lantern and gallery. Lighthouse painted white with unpainted stone trim; lantern is gray metallic. The tower rises from an open, arched base. Dennis Hurd's photo is at right, a 2009 photo and another excellent photo are available, and Google has a satellite view. Huelse has a historic postcard view in which the tower has a brown horizontal band below the gallery, a band also seen in David Meare's 1964 photo. This lighthouse was built as a clock tower in 1857; the lantern was apparently added in 1860. The early history of this station is somewhat obscure. The first Colombo light, apparently mounted on a church tower, was demolished around 1838 to make way for expansion of the nearby fort. The first Colombo lighthouse was an interesting neoclassical structure, the light tower rising from a circular stone building and surrounded by an elaborate colonnade. The British Library also has an image of the first light and states that the light was moved to the clocktower in 1867; however, this conflicts with light list data, which shows the clocktower light already in use by 1865 with 1860 as the date of construction. The lighthouse was deactivated after its light became obscured by nearby buildings. Andreas Koehler, who visited in late 2009, reports he was not allowed to take photos for security reasons. Located at Chatham Street and Janadhipathi Mawatha in downtown Colombo.

Site open, tower closed.

Colombo Clock Tower (Colombo Old)

Nearest Town or City : Colombo Sri Lanka

Location : West coast of Sri Lanka.

Notes : This tower was first established as a clock tower in 1860; the navigational light was moved to the tower by 1865. The original clock (made by the same manufacturer as "Big Ben") was replaced in 1913. The light was eventually blocked by tall buildings and was replaced by the new Colombo Lighthouse at Galbokka Point.

Tower Height : 96

Description Tower : Square brick tower.

Operational : No

Date Established : 1860

Date Present Tower Built : 1860

Current Use : Clock, monument.

Open To Public : Grounds only.

Directions : Located at the junction of Chatham Street and Janadhipathi Mawatha in downtown Colombo.

Height Focal Plane : 0

National Register : No

Alternate Name1 : Old Colombo Lighthouse

Date Deactivated : 1952